Need to beat the heat this summer? Telluride, Colorado, is your prime destination for fun-filled activities in weather that’s guaranteed to be sunny and 75.


Nature activities

If you want to really get to know Telluride’s terrain, you can go horseback riding through the San Juan mountains. Professionals are always available from local horse ranches to help guide you through the numerous trails. If you are feeling more daring, try rock climbing. Whether it’s your first time or your favorite hobby, Telluride has beautiful locations for beginners and expert to enjoy a good climb with a view!

Water activities

Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking are available all over Telluride. Explore the open waters at your own pace; the calm lakes make for a relaxing and cool getaway. If you are looking for a little less relaxation and a little more adventure, learn how to ride the rapids from local experts and journey through the San Miguel River. And of course, with a variety of lakes, streams, and rivers to choose from, Telluride is a fisherman’s paradise. Fly fishing is among the most popular, and local guides are always around to lend a helping hand. 

Other attractions

Gondola rides are available from May through October for visitors who want to view the San Juan Mountains from the sky. With various stops along the 8-mile trail, you can enjoy hiking and biking along the way. Or, simply sit back and enjoy the view. Or you could give off-roading a try! Whether you are looking to drive yourself or hop on a tour, Telluride has a variety of old mining paths you can take to fit your level of difficulty.

Telluride’s range of activities will ensure you make the most of the stunning landscape and weather during your visit.